Sunday, November 23, 2008


So we've been studying the respiratory system in school. Unlike the majority of my classmates, I have enjoyed the last two units immensly, namely cardio and pulmonary. Learning things in these last units has been different than anything else in medical school so far. It's all physiology, which is great because it's not memorizing meaningless details about the histology of ADEM TS-13 deficiency or which type of tick carries Lyme disease. This is medicine that will be relevant every day of my professional career, if in fact I decide to pursue anesthesiology. The other stuff is useful mainly as context for me, so that I can read an article and know all of the vocabulary. I realize that 'everything is important' but lets face it, sometimes a PhD will preach about his pet project and it's not important.

I really enjoy the respiratory syllabus, it's extremely well organized and full of cross references that I would otherwise have to make myself. Cardio as a subject was good, but it was really hit or miss with the instructors. The first half of pulm, has, so far, been well taught.

In other news, I have been nursing a rather intense cold for the last week , which has been pretty upleasant. It's really hard to study all day and evening when your head is leaking and your lungs are full and your eyes are watering and you feel miserable. Nevertheless and notwithstanding the greatness of my misery, I think I did pretty well on the pulm exam . We'll see next Monday.


Steph said...

I have noticed that there is a great disparity of comments on your blogs vs Mindy's blogs. I am rectifying the situation right now. Congrats on finishing Pulm. What's up next?

PS I hope you feel better soon.

Mhana said...

You know what would come like a breath of fresh air (respiratory reference) -- another post. How am I supposed to know how you're doing? How is Jimseykins going to stay competitive as the big news story if we never see new pictures? Believe me, I could keep taking pictures of my precious and writing about flowers and crepe paper and ice temples. More James! More George! More Mindy! And More pictures!!!