Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simple Sports

I love the simplicity of running. Good running gear is nice, but I love that all you really need to run is a good pair of running shoes. Compared to Spiff's other beloved sports, including biking, rowing and skiing that require a bare minimum of a large investment in order to get started, running seems like the most lovely, simple thing of the athletic world.

These days, however, here's what it takes for me to get out on even the shortest of runs:
My own running gear, including sunglasses, warm winter running pants, jacket, hat and gloves.
My two children, since Spiff is working all hours and they come with me, who both need to be fed and clothed before setting out
Double jogging stroller
Weather shield for the stroller
Coats and gloves for the kids
Warmed rice bags for a little extra warmth in the 20 degree weather
Toys and occasionally food for the older one
And my awesome running partner, her little boy (with accompanying equipment mentioned above), and her Magic Garmin Watch to tell us how far and fast we're going.

That's a lot of stuff. It takes me at least 45 minutes to get ready to go for a 30-60 minute run.

Besides that, I have a wish list. I want my own treadmill. I want my own Magic Watch. I want my own Ipod (I know, right?! Who doesn't have an Ipod these days? Spiff has one that he uses at work, but I don't.). I want a new techie running cap and a strap-on-my-hand-while-I-run water bottle. I want new running shoes and socks. I want to register for a whole lot of events.

Some of these things are needs, and some of these will become needs when we move to Minnesota next year. But what this list boils down to is a whole lot of money invested into a sport that is supposed to be as simple and inexpensive as strapping on a pair of running shoes.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Very Christmas

Alright, so the Christmas Season is trucking along. With two weeks to go, I feel like I have made progress, but still have so many little things to finish up that I'm still completely overwhelmed. I've got my Christmas cards, but they need to be sent out. I have presents that need to be wrapped, some packages sent, but some that need to be sent. I have neighbor gifts to make and deliver. I have a few more presents to purchase. I wish that I could be super organized like my neighbor, Kalie, and have everything done already so that I could simply enjoy the activities of the season...stuff like this:

We decorated for Christmas just after Thanksgiving, and Gunner was so sad when I took his Thanksgiving window sticker turkey down. Then some amazing Christmas elves (thank you Mom and Auntie Mhana) sent him new fancy Christmas window stickers! We have the most festive window on the block.

We went to Temple Square last night. It never ceases to amaze me. The lights are overwhelmingly beautiful, and I love it, always. I also can't help but think about the manpower and hours of work that go into putting up and taking down that display every year. Wowzah!

We tried taking the boys to a live nativity the other night, but when we got there, the area was all parked up, and there was a line of people stretching several blocks down the street. We decided not to wait in line, drove around a bit, and ended up at the zoo, where they have an event called Zoo Lights. Most of the actual animals were asleep, but we walked around looking at neon animal displays. And.........Santa's Reindeer! They have real reindeer there! Very cool.

I had a small wrapping party at my house the other night. I got two whole presents wrapped, but a whole lot of talking to friends in.

We attended my sister's ward Christmas party, where Gunner got to sit on Santa's lap. When asked what he would like for Christmas, Gunner replied, "Christmas." Well, who wouldn't?!

Gunner is so excited about Christmas this year. He's enjoying all of our little family traditions. He wakes up every morning asking to open a box from our Playmobil Advent Calender. Then we have to turn on all of the Christmas lights. Then he wants to pull out an ornament on the felt advent calender my mom made for us. Then he has to find the stuffed Tomten, which is a Scandinavian folk character who guards our tree and hides every night. He loves it all so much that I'm sort of dreading the day when Hobbes cares about doing these fun things, too. Who would want to share such fun activities?! But that's a problem for another year.

Also, I finally have a few presents under our tree, and they are killing Gunner. Just killing him! He asks about 15 times a day if he can open them, and he just doesn't get the benefit of waiting and the concept of anticipation. We got a package of presents the other day from our Aunt, and he was so upset by not being able to open them that he stormed off saying, "I Hate presents. I want to throw the presents in the garbage!" So you see, I was incredibly grateful to Spiff's mom when her package arrived, and there was a present labeled, "To Gunner, Open Right Away." Best words ever! It was the Three Playmobil Wisemen and a Camel, an addition to our excellent Nativity Scene. Grammy, you really won Christmas this year!!!

And last for today, Gunner accompanied me to tithing settlement today, while Hobbes and Spiff were home sleeping. As we were leaving, Gunner wished the bishop a "Very Christmas!"

Very Christmas, everyone!