Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Things He Says and Things We Do

Our two friends we have here in this new little town are both on vacation.  When Gunner found out that both Tommy and Charlotte & Greg were going out of town, he got so sad.  "But I won't have any friends to play with!"

And then he spent few days in a row being super naughty.  Super naughty.  It was miserable.  He was just in the worst mood, doing all sorts of things he knows he's not supposed to, fighting with Hobbes constantly, throwing tantrums of all shapes and sizes, ect.  After a few days of this, I finally asked him, "What's going on with you?  Why are you being so naughty?"

His reply: Charlotte is on a trip, and I miss her.

So, that's it.  We got to the bottom of that one.  Apparently, his behavior is directly related to how much fun he thinks he is going to have with his friends.  No friends = a big case of the naughties at home.

He seems to have snapped out of it, and we're back on track here in Casa Spiff. The kids are getting along better.  All moods are bright.  I have been making efforts to make new friends.  I even cleaned my house yesterday.  Think all laundry cleaned, folded and put away, all bathrooms cleaned, and ALL floors cleaned.  I am a rockstar.

We went on a little family campout last weekend.  We tested Spiff's spiffy REI tent in a real deluge, and it passed with flying colors.  There was a huge storm that rolled in around 11 pm, and it lasted until 8 in the morning.  There were at least four thunderstorms that came through, and it rained all night.  I kept waiting for it to rain less hard, and then it would rain even harder!  It was a storm that caused all sorts of damage up and down the state.  And our tent didn't get a single drop of water in it.  That's a good tent.

In other news, I am still recovering from my running injury.  I have run just a couple times in the last month, under two miles, all really really slowly.  I am still sore and aching, and I'm trying to take it slow as I hopefully get back into it and recover completely.  In the meantime, I am struggling to get good cardio workouts without being able to run, bike (I don't have one), or swim (I can't swim).  I have been doing workout videos in my living room.  My arms are a lot stronger form all the strength training, but I miss the cardio benefits of running.

For a couple of months, I had a good routine of cycling through the workouts available on Netflix.  And then one day, I woke up to find the message that they were going to be available only through August 1.  Total bummer!  So, I got online and bought myself a few new videos.  Since we have become fans of the Biggest Losers in our little house, I decided to try out the Biggest Loser workouts.

As I did one this morning, Gunner woke up and started participating with me.  I guess Gunner didn't realize it was a home workout video.  As Bob gave instructions into the camera, Gunner looked incredulous and said, "He pointed at me!  He's looking at me!  Why is he talking to me?!"

Love it.

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kalie said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. What a tragedy.

I miss that little boy! He is such a crack up. And we are in the market for a family tent, so I will pass the details on to Kevin. What tent specifically?

Cakes are made and in the freezer. Swiss Meringue Buttercream set to go. Only two more trips out for ngredients and tools...good grief! This is a lot of work for something that will just get eaten. ;)