Tuesday, January 06, 2009


This is what happened between 8:20 and 8:45 this morning:
I was up quite a bit with the baby last night, so I slept in this morning while Spiff got ready for school. I woke up when I heard something clank to the ground and him holler out in pain. Turns out that he had sliced his finger with a knife while preparing his lunch. It's a pretty deep cut, and I'm grateful that we invested in first aid supplies a few months ago. He tended to his finger while I groggily bustled around and finished packing his lunch.

Since his finger was still bleeding, Spiff asked me to take him to school. Thankfully, the baby woke up in a good mood, so we packed him up in the car seat, and I threw on some jeans and my Keen clogs. Spiff commented on the icy conditions caused by last night's freezing rain while he took the baby out to the iced-over car. I locked the door behind me and then preceded to slip down the icy concrete front steps, falling on my back and head. It knocked the wind out of me, but other than a sore neck, no damage was done. I didn't realize that my Keens don't have the greatest traction for this kind of weather. I'm also incredibly grateful that I wasn't holding the baby when I fell. Spiff helped me back up the stairs, and I left him to scrape the ice from the car and to try to get to school on time.

I went running yesterday for the first time since having the baby. My faithful running partner and I ran a measly two miles, with walking breaks. It was cold, and my lungs felt out of shape. And now my legs are terribly sore, and I feel like a weakling for getting sore after a two mile jog. Add that to my newly sore neck, and I feel like a Moaning Myrtle every time I move.

I'm proud of Spiff for going to school today. After his cut, the icy car, and my fall, I wanted to give up and spend the rest of the day in bed.


Mhana said...

Poor girl! I have nightmares every night for some reason, I guess I have a lot of anxiety so I NEVER really want to get up and face my day.

Anonymous said...

Brave Mintie!! Did you get the deathly cholera at all? Did Jimsykins' lungs clear up? I am so proud of you running even two miles. I haven't moved a muscle in two weeks. cfg

Pulcheria said...

What a way to start a day! I hope you are safe and warm now! (Let me know if you need anything while your neck is healing!)

lulu said...

Oh man! I think I would have skipped school. What a morning!