Friday, October 03, 2008

The end of Neurosciences.

I finally finished Neuro. The last two days saw me in the lab and lecture hall taking my exam. There were a total 240 questions. Let me say just this: I HATE NEUROLOGY. There has not been a course in medical school that I have liked less. I hated learning the stupid pathways, I hated how everything is reversed and upside down, I dislike learning anatomy by cross section, I don't like localizing lesions, I don't like memorizing psych drugs that all sound the same (fluvoxamine, flurazepam, fluphenazine, flumazenil, fluoxetin, phenterezine, etc..). I do not like it on a bus, I do not like it, it makes me cuss! I would not, could not, like neuro, I will not, shall not like neuro. I will not study it Sam I AM! I hope I passed this execrable class because at least then I don't have to take it again. I pity neurologists who have subjected themselves to a lifetime of this specialty. NOPE, not for me; I can cross this one off the old list and never look back. Onwards we go, to Cardio! where things make sense, and you can actually intervene and have a beneficial impact. The fact that you can precisely localize someone's capsular stroke or their MS or their pontine hemorrhage is nice, but you CAN'T DO ANYTHING about it (ok you purists, you can treat MS with steroids, interferon B, Natalizumab, cyclophosphamide, interferon alpha, and other crap, but the disease isn't going away.) IT'S DONE, AND I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK BACK. The longest and worst block of MSII is over with.

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