Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Funny Boys

Some of my favorite funny/awesome things my boys have said and done lately.

Creative Love:
Gunner was across the room from me one day when I randomly told him that I love him.  He returned the sentiment, and then with his elbows by his sides, he put his hands out in front of him, and cocked his arms like a gun.
He smiled and explained: I just blew you a hug.
Best hug ever!  Why didn't someone think of that sooner.

Star Wars:
My boys loooovvve Star Wars.  There are always little jedi toys fighting and saving the galaxy.  Or there is a Jedi running around my house.  In Gunner's little world, I often play Leia, and he saves me with his light saber skillz.  We listen to the Star Wars Music a lot (a daily request by Gunner so that he can better pretend that he is a jedi, wielding his weapon to music), so much that Hobbes knows the songs.  If he sits down to read a Star Wars book, he sings the little song to it.  That's right, my little son's first songs are "The Wheels on the Bus", "Twinkle Stars", and the Star Wars Theme."

Oh, and he does the light saber noise.  You know the one.  It's awesome.

We're bringing these boys up right.

We traveled two hours to a friend's house for Thanksgiving last week.  Before we got the kids in the car, Spiff had them run around outside to get their wiggles out.
Gunner said: "My wiggles will miss me because I'm leaving them behind."

Mount Everest:
Hobbes is a climber.  I think I have mentioned this before.  Also, I think I have finally trained him that he needs to stay off of the kitchen counter (most of the time).  He does not, however, think that this rule applies to other high surfaces, a fact that I discovered the other day when I found him standing IN the bathroom sink, pounding on his reflection in the mirror.  He had gotten there by putting the kiddie step stool on top of the toilet seat, and climbing on all of that to reach the counter.  Very stable conditions.  I got him down (should have taken a picture first, I guess), and then immediately hid the step stool in the shower.

I found him on the bathroom counter the very next day.  He discovered that he doesn't need the step stool to reach the counter from the toilet seat.  Awesome.

Tonight, one of the kids' beloved toys slid across the kitchen floor (on it's own power, of course), and hid under the oven.  The kids tried desperately to get it out, using wooden spoons as retrieving devices, with no success.  When Spiff got home, they had this conversation:
Gunner: Dad, can you move the stove so we can get the toy out?
Spiff: I can't because I'm not strong enough.
Gunner: Here, I'm giving you some of my muscles.
In the end, Spiff took out the drawer under the oven and dug out the toy, along with about four wooden spoons.

The Potty:
Hobbes (at 22 months) is discovering the potty.  He's figuring out his body and trying to figure out where things go.  The other day, he wandered into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet.  I went after him, discovered that he had #2 in his diaper, and thought that maybe he was trying to get it in the toilet.  I stripped him down to his nothings (cutest little bummy ever!), took care of the doots, had Spiff retrieve the baby potty, and then we spent 45 minutes with potty discovery time.  Again and again, he would sit on the potty, stand up, grab a tiny bit of toilet paper, wipe, throw it in the big potty, then repeat.

I am in no way ready to potty train him.  He is way too much of a free spirit for that.  But it's awesome to see him discover and learn.

We checked some Christmas books out from the library and have been happily making our way through them.  (Jan Brett wrote some great Christmas picture books, btw.  I love them!)  One of them is The Night Before Christmas.  After we read it for the first time yesterday, Gunner and I discussed the story.  I realized that this is the first year that he understands enough to really get into Santa and the whole story, and I found myself struggling to explain it all to him!

He got really into it and totally drilled me.  It's tricky to get all the details right when explaining them to a 4-year-old.  G: "What is Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, etc?  Why do they pull Santa's sleigh?  What are elves?  How do they make toys?  Where does Santa live?  Why does he live there?  Is he going to give me presents? 

 "Did Uncle Heath get coal in his stocking last Christmas?  I don't want coal.  I'm going to change my mind and be a good boy."

He's very excited to leave Santa some cookies (he wanted to make them tonight, and I had to explain to him that they would go stale in the month we have until Christmas Eve. Total bummer.).  I think I need to watch some Santa movies with him.  Any suggestions for a good one? 


Mhana said...

Miracle on 34th street! The new one.

Kirsten said...

This post made me happy today. And as far as Santa movies, my kids love The Santa Clause and the Polar Express. But my favorite is the Miracle on 34th Street. The old one. The kids just aren't old enough for it yet...

Maggie said...

we have a pack of the old classic Christmas clay animation movies. You're welcome to borrow them.

Mindy said...

Maggie, I'd love to. There are many unanswered Santa questions. :)