Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have loved decorating our house for Christmas with Gunner this year.  He is so happy and excited about it.  We have a few small decorations, including a 5-foot tree that we set up on a small table, a 2-foot tree that I set up in our kitchen's bay window, and a couple strings of garland that I put around with some lights.

As I was working on decorating the smaller tree and getting around to draping garland on something, he said, "We have a lot of trees to put up, don't we?"
I replied: "Yes, we do."
He said: "Let's put up our next tree, and then I will be filled with joy!"

Then a few minutes later: "Is your heart filled with joy, Mom?  Because mine is."

And that is why I love this season.  Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Let all of our hearts be filled with joy as we celebrate the birth of Christ!


Mhana said...

I would love a heart full of joy! I will get my tree this week!

Pulcheria said...

Now I will think of Gunner and his heart full of joy, which will make mine full of joy whenever I see my tree!