Saturday, June 12, 2010

Potty Talk

Let me begin this little discussion by stating that I have no intention of potty training my son for a long while, so I'm not really looking for actual potty training advice at this time. That being said...

Gunner has been very interested in the potty lately. He plays "Pretend Potty" by having us help him sit on the potty and go through the motions with him. He runs to the potty after doing some business in his diaper to show us that he knows relatively what it's all about. He also runs up to me after I have done my business on the potty to help me pull up my pants. (Is this too much information? I don't know since I have forgotten what it's like to have any privacy.)

The other day, Gunner and I had a 10-minute conversation about the potty. He initiated this discussion by pointing at the potty, turning around, scooting his little tushy up to it, and the swinging a leg up, like he was saying, "I'm going to sit on this thing, now." So I helped him on, he sat there for a few seconds, and then hopped off. Then he sat on the floor with me and told me lots of baby-babbled stuff about the potty. Then he stood up, backed up to the toilet, swung his leg up, and sat back down on it. He continued this routine for several rounds. The whole thing was very endearing.

He is very obviously interested in the potty. I would like to fuel his interest and keep him excited about the potty, without actually potty training him yet. We have talked about getting him his own little potty, but a friend suggested getting a toddler-sized seat that connects right to the actual toilet seat instead.

So I am wondering what people's opinions and experiences are with their little ones. How did you fuel any existing interest? What devices/products did you use? And where do I find these gems?


Britta said...

We have a potty chair, but the toilet ring was much more effective for both Abby and Landon. Plus, it makes for an easier transition to the actual toilet and when not at home.

Behrmans said...

There are a lot of times that Caleb was ready to move on to bigger things but I was not because I didn’t want that phase to end. When I was ready I tried and he was not interested anymore. I learned that it is just best to let them choose when it’s time and it sounds like he’s ready. I would make your life easier in the long run and start helping him out.

We used both the toddler potty seat and the potty itself. It sounds like you can just go for the potty seat. He’s already interested in the toilet so I would just get the seat and a foot stool. We used movies, books, sticker charts, food coloring, cheerios for aim, rewards, lots of praise, a potty song and whatever I am forgetting.

Good Luck. Remember they grow up fast so hold onto these momments.

Lauren said...

First off, I laughed out loud at the part about having no privacy in the bathroom. Totally understand you there. I'll be interested in hearing about what works for you. I think Josh will be one of those late ones. He won't even say 'food' or 'cup' when he's hungry or thirsty, so being able to express a need to go is a bit out of our reach for right now. I'm cringing already about the cost of two kids in diapers, but oh well. Good luck!

Maggie said...

You already know all my bits of info. Drink lots so they have to practice lots. I used the potty seat that has a ring you can sit on the bit toilet. And I wouldn't have done it any other way because there was a staircase involved. Since you're on the same floor as the toilet you probably don't need it.

Mhana said...

You know I have no insight about this at all. I thought you might enjoy this.

I can't wait for the poop stories to come.