Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some people should never name children

The French have a system wherein you may choose your child's name from a long list of officially sanctioned, sufficiently French names. You are not, for instance, allowed to name your child "Talula does the hula from Hawaii" (the New Zealand government also just said 'no' to this, sparing a 9 year old a lifetime of humiliation). I was hasty in this week's name poll when I said that those were the 5 worst names ever. I gleaned those from a list here
I have, however, rediscovered a website that contains the worst names ever affixed to offspring. Sadly, this wellspring of crapulence gushes from our own LDS brothers and sisters in Utah. You can find it here. I include just a taste to whet your apetite for execritude.

  1. Auto (Otto?)
  2. Bryce-Zock
  3. Fermyn ( as in Fermyn the faith?)
  4. Jedi Nephi
  5. LaZello
  6. Stockton Malone (a Jazz fan?)
  1. Aarikkaa (Please. Spell it : Erica)
  2. Bimberly
  3. Chinchilla Zest (Hmmm. Spicy furball)
  4. Christmas Contada (no, not Cantata, but Contada)
  5. Confederate America (The south WILL rise again!)
  6. DeFonda Virtue (We're fonda virtue too, how 'bout you?)

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