Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Survey says:

Well, it looks like the readers have voted, and the consensus is that I should share more about what I do, and so should Mindy. Sadly, I don't have a lot of leisure activities. I did, however, play racquetball with my friend Dan this morning. I acquitted myself rather well, though I did lose every game. At least I kept the score reasonably close, and for a brief moment, was actually in the lead at one point. Dan has a wicked serve that is nearly un-returnable, but I managed to slap it back a few times. We had a very brief day of school, only 1 hr of path lab. I wasn't feeling great though, so I came home at 3 ish and crashed for the afternoon. Having taken microbiology and pathology, I can now understand in intimate detail how and why my nose runs, and why the phenylephrine I take to relieve it works. That doesn't do me any good though, because my teeth still hurt and I'm still really warm.

Other leisure activities. I went for a bona fide ride on Saturday. Aaron Y, some other guys from my ward and I all went for a ride out in the country. A real ride! It's been almost a year. We had to drive for about a half hour to get out of St Louis but it was a nice rural road with some nice bucolic scenery. Riding is so cathartic for me, it just helps me to relax and just 'flow' to use the pop-psychology term. I'm a lot slower than I was before, but I still enjoy cranking the pedals and flying along. I should do it more often. I really should, especially since it's good for me.

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Maggie said...

I was wondering if I could vote multiple times and just sway the whole thing in my direction, but then I decided not to give it a shot. Don't forget that my husband rarely tells me anything about school so adding in things like what you're studying would be really helpful....for me. (And I know you're doing this all for me right?)

Where did you guys go on your ride?