Friday, July 29, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect


I'm sure you're all tired of me posting about potty stuff, but it's on my mind, so this is what you get. If you don't want poop stories, feel free to skip this one.

Gunner really is doing well with the peeing. He's not 100% dry overnight, but he does okay. He hasn't really had any accidents during the daytime at all, since the first two days. I'm super proud of him for that.

And you all warned me about this next part.

The pooping!

It's horrible! He is about 50/50 on the pooping. Today he pooped his pants. We have had a few poop accidents. Boy, I really do hate cleaning that up. The pooping is the one reason that I waited as long as I did to potty train. I'd much rather change a poopy diaper than poopy pants. Blech.

I'm having a hard time knowing how to react to him about it. Today we worked for over an hour with him because he had to poop. He told us, so we rushed him to the potty, and then he immediately hopped off saying, "I can't. I can't." It was on and off the potty, coaching the pushing, reading books, pleading, bribing, etc. For over an hour! And we got a teeny tiny little poop out of it. I knew he had more, but he just couldn't do it then.

So he pooped his pants later.

I find myself getting mad at him, and later wonder why I can't show him more empathy. I think the reason is that I don't want him to ever think it's okay, so I scold, I take toys away, I don't offer treats, I make him clean up, and I tell him how disappointed I am. Negative consequences to hopefully entice him to use the potty next time.

It's just so frustrating because I know he is more than capable of figuring this out. He has done it before, and now he's acting all afraid of it. I do realize that there's a learning curve to figuring out those bodily urges. I guess I just have to remember that he's still new at it. The first day of potty training, he peed 20 times. If he could poop 20 times in one day, he'd be a seasoned pro at that, too.

Any advice out there for how to handle the poop training?


Mhana said...

Perhaps he has inherited his auntie's dodgy bowels. You know how many near misses I have had and I'm 27. Get him really stressed out then feed him mac and cheese. That usually has me on the pot at ten minute intervals for a good hour and a half. Stress and milk. It makes my bowels explode. That is my super useful advice.

Nurse Graham said...

The poop training was the hardest part for Carson. He just didn't like to poop on the toilet. Here's what finally worked for us...First, I impatiently waited to make sure that the potty training was firmly ingrained. Once it was apparent that it was, I watched for 3 or 4 days for a pattern to the pooping. Fortunately, Carson's bowel patterns functioned like clockwork and every afternoon around 1 o'clock he would disappear to a corner to poop his pants. On day 4, I caught him as he was heading to his pooping place, took him directly to the bathroom, got him on the toilet just in time, and SUCCESS. After that day, we didn't have another accident. In hindsight, I think he was uncomfortable/scared of sitting on big toilet (he refused to use the potty chair or the potty seat that fit on the big toilet).

Good luck with this next phase.

Lauren said...

Not tired of these posts at all. Keep recording all this so that when it's my turn, I can go to expert you for advice.

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

So not excited for that...bowel training has got to be one of the worst jobs a mother is given. All I know is my 3 year old nephew still as a fear of pooping and has to have enemas quite often. Hope the practice gets you away from that!

Pulcheria said...

I completely understand! The pooping was my biggest stress too! And Bree had issues. She would hold it until we put a diaper on her at night for a long time. Or have accidents like you are dealing with. Dan finally made her a poopoo necklace that she could wear on the potty. It was a magic necklace that would help her poop when she needed too (it was really just a button on a string) and it worked! So our suggestion is a new car that he can hold or some article of clothing he can wear only on the potty that is magic. Oh, and a diet coke for you! Love you!

Mel said...

Lots and lots of fresh fruit! Loosen him up so it will be easier to go. And I know it's sooooooo hard, but positive reinforcement is essential. Maybe take him to the store and let him pick out a new toy. And put it up where he can see it, but not reach it. And when he can go consistently in the toilet (no accidents for a set number of days) the toy is his. Or, if he likes money, tell him you will give him a couple quarters, when he goes. By the time has $10 or $15 he will be a pro, then take him to the store and let him spend the money he earned. Hope this helps! I have said it over and over, I would rather go through labor than potty training! Good luck.