Friday, April 01, 2011

The Morgue

I'm on a forensic pathology elective at the moment which is something I chose to do because I figured I'd never have the chance to do something like this again. Our charming city being what it is, there is never a shortage of cases in the medical examiner's office. This week's collection of cases was as follows:

Monday: Self inflicted gunshot wound to left chest with .40 caliber pistol.

Non-accidental trauma 2 years ago. Just died of complications, so this counts as murder/manslaughter even though the inciting event was 2 years ago.

Tuesday: Heroin overdose. Despite what the word on the street is, packing your friend's crotch with ice will not revive them from a heroin OD. Naloxone might, but ice-crotch will not.

Wednesday: Alprazolam OD (Xanax) in a massively obese patient. People don't wear as much clothing at home as you think they might.

Self inflicted GSW to the head. Split the mandible, maxilla, and exited through the top of the head.

Thursday: Schizophrenic with seizure, unknown cause.

Friday: no cases.

Since it's sunny this weekend, I expect that people will be outside shooting each other again.

It's been an interesting experience, but oh the smell can be so strong.

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Mhana said...

Yeah, my week was just like that. Well, no the deaths and illnesses I was investigating happened 200 years ago, so the smell is mostly gone, as is the body.