Saturday, April 09, 2011

Funny Conversations

During lunch today I had the following dialogue with my 2 year old son:

G: Wassat daddy?
SS: That's the knife block.
G: Issa knife bock?
SS: yes.
G: Knife a sharp. Djanger. Knife for mommy and daddy, not little boys.
SS: that's right.
G: Djanger, sharp. A cutta me? I get hurt. Maybe die. Then I see Jesus and he hug me. Jesus love a me. I love Jesus.
SS: (unsure which part to respond to), uhh well, maybe. Knives are for mommies and daddies, and yes, Jesus loves you.
G: Give Hobbes a blessing? Give mommy a blessing?
SS: yes, in the past.
G: I love my noodles. More noodles please?

And with that we were off of toddler-level spirituality and back to the mundanities of life.


Mhana said...

He is a the cutest! I will now start a putting indefinite articles mid-sentence!

Pulcheria said...

Sure love that boy of yours!