Sunday, October 31, 2010

And that's how I broke his heart...

New words for the week: Church (turch) and Nursery (nursy).

Gunner has been asking all week long to go to church. Seriously, all week long! I didn't know that he knew or cared that we go to church, other than that it's the place we try to make him sit still and be quiet! He even asked to take one of his friends to church.

As it was Sunday today, we went to church. We planned to only stay for Sacrament meeting because Gunner has a cold and we couldn't send him to nursery. I was actually happy because that meant that he would get a Sunday nap, which hasn't happened for months. So we headed for home.

And when he realized we were walking out of the building, and not into the nursery room, the tears began. I can pinpoint the exact moment when his heart tore in two. (Anyone remember that episode of the Simpsons when Lisa breaks poor Ralph Wiggum's heart? It was like that.)

All the way home, I got this, between the tears:
G: "Nursy, please, Mommy!"




He didn't stop until he had cried himself to sleep in the car.

I didn't realize that it meant that much to him. You can bet that he will be asking me about church all week. You can also bet that as long as he's healthy, we're taking him to nursery next week.

In other news, Spiff's residency interview season has started. He traveled to an interview over the weekend. While he was gone, I hung the plastic on our two living room windows. I will happily accept the Best Wife Award for the month of October. Thank You.


Mhana said...

I hope he steps up to receive his Best Task Dodger Award

Lauren Kay said...

That's so cute he loves nursery!

cfg said...

I have to say Spiff and Mhana loved nursery too. I would leave them at the door and they never glanced back to see me go. Same with pre-school.

Lauren said...

Wow, I really hope that Josh will get to that stage someday. Right now we pretty much have the opposite reaction to nursery and church in general. And yes, you can come here to OR and we will gladly present you with the Wife of the Month award.