Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that Thanksgiving is in two days. And I'm very excited to spend the holiday with friends this year! But I have spent all day working on Christmas gift projects, and it has gotten me all "in the mood for Christmas Cheer". Well, sort of. I have finally started my shopping for the season (hooray for me!). However, I am feeling a bit like a humbug this year because I have no great gift ideas. None! For any of my family or friends. Add that to the fact that we're living on a student budget, and my inner Scrooge starts grumbling.

On the bright side, we get to spend Christmas with my family this year! I'm so excited about that that I can hardly stop myself from packing tomorrow and camping out at the airport for the next month. I know that once we get on the plane, all of the stress of shopping, the Christmas parties and concerts, and the Christmas cards will be mostly over, and it will be time to party! Family, prime rib dinner, egg nog, pie, games, and lots of people around to entertain Gunner for the entire vacation! Let the countdown begin!

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cfg said...

I want to be part of your family.