Sunday, February 14, 2010


So, I have had a pretty rotten day. My feelings were hurt in a way that made me question my abilities and spirituality. I'm dealing with it.

And in so doing, I found this blog entry that made me laugh out loud, several times. I bet that the "Voice of Reason" had no idea she would be the pick-me-up I so desperately needed today.

Make sure you read the comments. My favorites are the ones about the squirrel, Mormet, and the "recipies".


Mhana said...

Dear Mindy,
I am sorry they were awful to you at church. Shame on them. Time to cheer up you.
1) Picture sister-in-law wearing short running shorts and doing "the Gilkey Prance" -- you know what it looks like.
2) Think about that New Years that George fell asleep and you and I stayed up until midnight to watch Pride and Prejudice and their final kiss came just at midnight. Coincidence? I think not.
3)Jack Handey deep thought for church: "To me, it's a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, "hey, can you give me a hand?" You can say, "sorry, got these sacks"

4)Happy Valentines Day. We love you and think you are even better than the bee's knees. If you were here, I would make you heavenly peanut butter cloud balls WITH my peanutbutter/milkchocolate swirl chips. Scrumptrilescent.

Feel better.
Us (you know who we are)

cfg said...

Thanks for the link, I loved reading it. Spiff told me of the blow to the ego, I sympathize entirely. I remember leaving meetings in tears. Usually RS. Now I don't care, so much scar tissue, I don't feel the pain.

Nemesis said...

Hi Mindy, thanks for the mention! And I'm so sorry that someone was horrible to you at church. It's great how we go there to be spiritually uplifted and yet there are the days when it's all we can do not to just leave and go sit in the car . . .

Just know I would give you a hug right now if I could!

Mindy said...

Nemesis, how fun to hear from you! Thanks for the post. I'm still laughing about it. And for the record, I did better than sit in my car. I went home. Hopefully I'll be able to convince myself to stay for the entire block next week.

Mhana, I want your cookies. And I AM going to use the sacks idea. Let's just see someone try to take advantage of me now! Bwahahahahaha!

David and Lauren said...

Someone was mean to you? That is just awful. Last week the person sitting right behind me started complaining about how loud my kid was in a very audible voice. He wasn't even trying to keep the disdain and judgment out of his voice and I'm sure the people in the row ahead of us could hear him too, it was really that loud. What can you do but just laugh, right? I just picture myself wiggling my nose and turning them into a big ugly toad. Funny enough, it makes me feel much better.

Carrie said...

Hi, Mindy!
What book did you read? I think I need to borrow it if it was that good! I hope this week is going better for you. :)