Friday, December 19, 2008

Things that make it feel like Christmas (to Mindy):

Shopping: I have done most of our Christmas shopping online this year. It has been cold, and I didn't want to take the baby out. Besides the fact that all of our gifts have to go to our families in Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. So, if we have to ship them anyway, we may as well let the company we buy from ship the stuff for us. I did send a couple packages yesterday via the US Postal Service. It cost $10 per package. Therefore, I am a huge fan of's super-save shipping and other companies' free shipping offers. I think online shopping will become a Christmas tradition.

Christmas Cards: I need to keep the promise I made to myself last year to sent my Christmas cards before December starts. They are so much work! At least I don't make my own cards, although I admire my sisters' beautiful home-made cards every year.

The Christmas Photo: I like getting photos in Christmas cards I receive, so I like to send photos in our cards. We didn't get a professional portrait taken this year. In fact, the only family picture we had was a snapshot a neighbor took of us when we happened to be out on a walk with her on a nice Fall day. So, that's what made it into our cards.

The Messiah
Nat King Cole (I love his rendition of "Sing Sweet and Low". So beautiful!)
The Manhatten Transfer
My family's old Christmas mix my dad made years & years ago (before I was born?). I couldn't tell you who the artists are, so don't bother asking.

I also don't think it would feel like Christmas without at least one summer sausage. We have experienced these things, and we're fully in the Christmas spirit. It's the end of Spiff's block of Pulm, and it's off to Oregon for family, fun, and a two-week vacation!
Merry Christmas!

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