Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shooting the curl

So my other blog had a post that was pretty similar to this. When I'm studying intently for hours and hours for days on end, it kind of feels like how shooting a curl on a surfboard must feel. The schedule is really tight this week because we have an exam on friday, so I have to spend every minute getting ready and making sure that the time is well spent. There isn't a lot of margin for error, as far as wasted time goes. I learned on my mission how to budget my time aggressively, so that skill definitely comes in handy now. Up at 6, bed at 10, 10 hours of study, 3 hours of class and some meals in there. I hope and pray that the pace will back off after anatomy. Either that or I will have learned how to study and so I might have an hour or two more a day that I can take care of the corps physique. It's bedtime so I'm going to dream anatomy dreams.....

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