Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Marathon or Head Race?

In our Orientation one of the Deans likened medical school to running a marathon. I guess the implied meaning was that you should pace yourself and you should be ready for a long haul and not go too hard in the beginning. I think a more apt comparison would be a head race in crew or even a 2K. In a head race, you row full speed through the starting line and try to have the fastest time over a 5K or 7K course. It’s grueling and it’s hard and it’s full speed all the way, all the time. Studying in medical school isn’t about saving your energy, it’s about going all out, all the time because anything less and you will be passed by the material and your classmates. I feel that way right now anyway. I might change my mind later in the year, but right now that’s how it feels. Currently my mind feels fried (which I guess would argue that you should pace yourself), but I still have 25+ hours to study before the exam on Friday. I know I can learn what I have to, but I don’t want to. I want to sleep. Things left to study
-Cervical plexus: learn which nerve roots contribute to which nerves
-Dermatomes of the arm, hand:
-Muscle insertions on the humerus
-review the heart and lungs for the umpteenth time
-review fascias of the posterior triangle of the neck.

Postcriptum: So, in rereading this, it seems that I have no sense of proportion or balance. Let the record show that I do in fact have leisure activities, among which include playing the piano. I study as much as I think I have to in order to do well and pass. Do I think I'm going to get honors in gross anatomy? no. Do I hope to pass? Yes. Do I study my tail off so that I don't have to remediate anatomy next summer in Omaha? yes.

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