Friday, March 14, 2014

When Christmas Comes Early

My parents sent me a "Care Package" in February.  They were all secretive about it: "We're sending you a package.  Make sure you're home to sign for it when it's delivered." Etc.

The boys and I hung around the house one day waiting and waiting until two large boxes arrived.

 This is what was inside:

That is a new-in-the-box 1984 Model Bosch Mixer!!!

You read that right.  1984.
They found it on Ebay.  A purchase from an estate sale.
The owner of the estate had kept it in the box for 30 years!!!

I'm so beyond thrilled.  It is the same model my mom purchased new in 1984.  The same model that has seen her through thirty years of baking, and still runs as good as new.

Who keeps an unused Bosch mixer in a box for 30 years?!  
I don't know, but I'm glad it's mine now.

Thanks, Mom & Dad!  You are the best!!!

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