Thursday, February 03, 2011

Two and Half Weeks

At this point in having a new baby, I feel like if someone were to offer me the choice between a million dollars or one full night of sleep, I wouldn't hesitate before throwing on my pajamas and jumping into bed. This realization came to me last night while we were struggling to get little Hobbes to sleep. He seemed to be having some intestinal distress (at least that's what I think it was), and he couldn't settle down. After I did the whole feed/burp/change/feed/burp routine for the millionth time, I would put him down in bed, and all he would do was grunt. All. Night. Long.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrunt. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grummmmmph. Grunt. Grunt. Grunt.

I can't tell you the number of times I finally lay down, only to get up again to burp, rock, or try again to feed the ever-grunting little man. We finally kicked him out of our room. Spiff rolled the bassinet into the kitchen at 4:00 this morning so that we could get some sleep. I think Hobbles eventually fell asleep, too. And then he had a mighty poop at one point this morning, so I'm really hoping that that's what his problem was last night. We all really need to get some sleep tonight. Pray for us, please.

Also, Gunner woke up this morning with a cold. I'm pretty bitter about it. We haven't gone anywhere for days and days, thanks to the weather. The only place Gunner has been in the last week is church on Sunday. I guess he must have brought it home from that. And now I'm terrified of him passing it onto the baby. I have us all on a strict hand-washing regimen before touching Hobbes, but as Spiff pointed out, it's probably too late at this point. Oh, but I'd really rather not have a sick baby. Please.

On a side note, a really nice friend from our ward brought us dinner the other day. However, she didn't just bring us dinner. She brought some homemade scones for breakfast the next day and some delicious banana bread that Gunner and I have been enjoying for several days. She brought Gunner his own special little sack lunch that he was so excited about that I swear he thought it was Christmas again. She also brought a couple toys she had lying around her house that she didn't need. I pulled one of them out today, on the third straight day of being indoors and the first day of his cold. He loved it and ended up taking his new cars to bed with him. This friend really went above and beyond with this act of service, and it has been a life-save for us this week. I will have to remember these special things she did and pay it forward soon.


Mhana said...

I'm so sorry. I would proxy sleep for you if that were possible.

Pulcheria said...

So glad you are being taken care of!

Lauren said...

I totally know how you are about the sleep situation. Don't worry, it should get better soon. Our little guy has started sleeping through the night on occasion and I know Hobbes will start doing it too soon. That first month is the worst and you have my pity. David spent much of it sleeping out on the couch so that he could at least get sleep before going to work.

I hope the cold situation will be containable in your house. We've all been sick (Josh twice) since Ben was born and he never got it. Babies are pretty resilient.

You will be in my prayers. It will be better soon!