Friday, September 19, 2008


I love our new apartment. We have a lot of space, a beautiful kitchen, and a neighbor who supplies the yard with beautiful flowers! We have been very happy here since we moved in July, and I am getting more in love with my new place as we slowly get it settled and organized. Yesterday, some friends came over and helped me set up our baby's crib and move around furniture in the baby's room (Thanks, Maggie & Bonnie!). Then I spent the morning putting away clothes, blankets and toys, and getting a little more ready for our baby. I think I'm nesting, but I do like how the apartment is turning out.

However, I had an experience today that made me realize how non-child-proof our apartment really is. I had some friends over for lunch today, and as I got ready for them to come, I cleaned and put more things away. I felt great about how organized, clean, and sparse everything looked. I got out some toys and books for the kids, and put on a movie to entertain them. I was feeling very proud of myself, until my friends' sweet little children educated me about what they really like to play with, and that things that we generally don't think of as toys...most definitely are!

My lesson: Kids' favorite toys are not generally the pretty books, wooden blocks, or stuffed animals we usually supply them with. Also, kids usually aren't that entertained (i.e. distracted) by Disney movies. These are the things that are much more fun to play with:
The Piano
Green Magic Markers
Simpsons DVDs
Electronics (especially if they are attached to wires)
The Paper Shredder
The Bike Pump (which is more effective when used as a hammer)
Earplugs (the little foam parts apparently taste good, too)
Anything small enough to fit into small hands...which then goes directly into the garbage can.

I guess I'm in for a big surprise when our little boy starts moving around and discovering all of the excellent toys in our house. And to think, all this time, I have been worrying that we don't own enough toys to entertain our child! Apparently, instead of toys, we really need to be investing in child-proofing supplies!


Angelavon said...

this made me laugh! it is all true....every last bit of it! at least you know that your mommy senses work...i'm so glad that you found asher with that green marker before he started create "beautiful colors" as he says:)

lulu said...

I'm sad I wasn't there to help. I should have called. All this time I have been telling you i wanted to help and then I don't even call you back. I hope the nursery looks just how you want it to.

Mindy said...

Angela, I forgot to mention your sunglasses. They were a big hit...and I hope they're fixable!

nurse graham said...

Don't forget bugs. When we were in college, living in Wymount Terrace, our neighbors across the breezeway had a little girl who would play with spiders and other bugs--yes I realize that spiders are technically bugs. Her mom thought it was very cute that her little girl wasn't afraid of bugs..that is until the little girl started eating them after she was done playing with them. Yuck!

Mhana said...

What I understand from this post is that you want me to send cleaning products, tampons (probably ideal for baby play and you won't have any handy for some time!) markers, paint, glue and fragile porcelaine figurines instead of toys. Heard and witnessed! Auntie Em will pull through come Christmastide with a little comet and some Hummel dolls. You are welcome!